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Photos I like, with attribution, and some of my own too. @potent_potable on the tweets and @stevenvanharen on the instagrams

I represent Direct Importer of Fine Wine, Michael Skurnik, in Brooklyn, New York.
by pauldorfman http://ift.tt/1r6nuPT
Alien life forms grow on top of a cellar from the 16th century in Ribera del Duero by briandunsmore http://ift.tt/WBqNW9
Refreshing. by jasminehirsch http://ift.tt/1r6nuiQ
#yardbird #alzinger #claudedugat by kbpike http://ift.tt/1sO6Ybo
American wine happenings @hoteldelmano. Yeah…we don’t just serve the euro-juice by alexthealan http://ift.tt/1sO6UIs
Jesús Madrazo on the lawn at Contino @skurnikwines @europvinusa #skurnikspain14 by andrewemulligan http://ift.tt/UqOEWO
300 Gins in Haro. #skurnikspain14 by thebonvivant13 http://ift.tt/UqOEGi
Our friends at La Rioja Alta treated us to a preview of 2001 Gran Reserva “890”! Epic is the only description. #skurnikspain14 by thebonvivant13 http://ift.tt/UqOChw
Yes, this is real. In Sierra de la Demanda, Rioja, one of Monchi’s “lost” vineyards. Gorgeous place and terrific wines. @olewines #skurnikspain14 #wine @vneves13 by thebonvivant13 http://ift.tt/UqOxua
#homecooking #pasta #amatriciana by diamondsommelier http://ift.tt/UqOxdO
Geeking out on the flowers, yo. by jasminehirsch http://ift.tt/UqOz5t
Up next: O’Shaughnessy. #skurnikalifornication by heavyweightchampionoftheworld http://ift.tt/WzdkxT
The difference between Grand Cru and Villages can be this wide. by leviopenswine http://ift.tt/1wXsZST
Adventures in Jersey by katertot_ http://ift.tt/1wXsZCe
120 year old vine @ Torremoron. #gnarly #skurnikspain14 #oleimports #spain #riberadelduero #wine by spaceryevest http://ift.tt/1wXsWGv