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Photos I like, with attribution, and some of my own too. @potent_potable on the tweets and @stevenvanharen on the instagrams

I represent Direct Importer of Fine Wine, Michael Skurnik, in Brooklyn, New York.
Congrats, Musket Room, on your Michelin Star!  Food was incredible as usual and thanks for celebrating with #delamotte #champagne ! @dcampbell99 @musketroom @junesy @anna2854 by vineyardbrands http://ift.tt/1xzSGxn
Canadian Thanksgiving. Yes, there’s Coffee Crisps in there. @diplomaticorum #PickMe by dustypegz http://ift.tt/Zpz6pD
Congratulations @takerootbklyn Chef Elise and wonderful Anna on your Michelin Star! * So grateful for your support! A true family restaurant. http://ift.tt/1uaVDBM
by takerootbklyn http://ift.tt/YPlgvq
by takerootbklyn http://ift.tt/1rJDbzM
lamb 📷 by @jmoranmoya by takerootbklyn http://ift.tt/YPlcMo
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📷 by @jessicist by takerootbklyn http://ift.tt/1rJD9rJ
off the menu for a special guest. @zahra_rae can’t wait to have you! crispy lamb fat awaits. by takerootbklyn http://ift.tt/1rJD9b1
wine talks by takerootbklyn http://ift.tt/YPl7bz
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wow! beyond honored. we did it! by takerootbklyn http://ift.tt/1rJD873